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Date Start Item Venue

14 October Crowing Miss Bloemfontein Rose Fleurdal Mall
17 Oct 18:00 Oupa/Ouma Eretoekennings – Gala aand Function Venue Kelly’s View
Festival Weekend
20 Oct 07:00 Rose Festival Street Parade Charlotte Maxeke to City Hall
10:30 Rose Planting Ceremony City Hall
11:00 Rose Celebration Breakfast Bram Fischer Municipal Building / “Glaspaleis”
14:30 Semi-finals Miss Roosknoppie / Mnr Rosekrans Loch Logan Waterfront
16:00 Rose Festival Market Start Urth Garden Centre
18:30 Crowning Miss Rose Petal Urth Garden Centre
16:00 Flower & Art Exhibition Open Urth Garden Centre
21-Oct 08:00 Rose Festival Market Open Urth Garden Centre
09:30 Rose Morning High Tea The Venue @ Urth
Full Day Cut Roses on Display Loch Logan Waterfront
12:00 Crowing Miss Roosknoppie / Mnr Rosekrans Loch Logan Waterfront
 22-Oct 07:30 Mangaung Rose Classic Urth/N1/Glen/N1/Urth
11:00 Kuier by Urth met Live Entertainment The Venue @ Urth & Urth Cafe

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